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Brooke Taylor: A Fantasy Come True

The leading lady of HBO’s hit reality show Cathouse and the prime draw at Nevada’s famed Moonlite BunnyRanch talked to us about life as a happily legal hooker and why a date with her should be any man’s fantasy.

Tell us about your first-ever photo-shoot for HUSTLER. It was above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I was so excited HUSTLER wanted me. It’s such an honor. I’d never done a photo-shoot quite like this before, so I was really surprised at how comfortable I was in front of the camera. I had the best ho -tographer: Mark Lit. He was just wonderful. He put me at ease and made me look beautiful. I think the pictures are going to be pretty amazing. I got my fingers crossed and my legs open for it! I can’t wait to go to the newsstand, pick up the issue and say, “Look, that’s me!” Maybe I’ll pass out HUSTLER on Halloween instead of candy!

What would a date with Brooke Taylor be like? Anything you want it to be. Your imagination is your only limitation. Tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you. It’ll be a good time, we’ll have a great meal, you can eat it off me or we can eat it off the plate, whatever you like. It’ll be the rock star treatment, hanging out in a limo with Brooke Taylor on your arm. What man wouldn’t want that? I’m beautiful, I’m intelligent, and I love to have sex! I know how to treat my men, and any man who dates me will be well taken care of in every sense of the word.

What’s it like being on TV? Do you act, or is it all real? Cathouse is real. It’s sort of like structured chaos. They throw us all in a room with a bunch of dildos, but what we do with those dildos is up to us. So it really is reality TV—as real as it can get. All the customers I have scenes with, those are my customers. That’s really what I do behind closed doors. At first I was nervous being on TV, but now I’m already an old pro. I get to be myself, so hopefully I’m not nervous being me.

Do fans of the show visit the BunnyRanch? Yes, a lot of fans of the TV show come to see me. Sometimes it’s just couples who want to come in and say hi. But I’ve also had customers with folders full of everything they could find on the Internet about me. I definitely have a lot more fans now than when I first started. It’s wonderful to be recognized and to have people love you for who you are. It means I’m doing something right.

Do customers take time to get to know you? Every guy is different as far as what he wants his experience at the Ranch to be. Some just want to get their rocks off, so they pick the hottest girl they see and go from there. But, yeah, I do have a lot of customers that want to come in and get to know me, see me on a repeated basis. You really build a rapport and a friendship with someone, and they’ll come in and say, “So what have you been up to lately?” I’m more than happy to share myself with them. That’s what I’m there for.

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What’s the downside to working at the BunnyRanch? I get dizzy when I sit up! (Laughs.) There really isn’t much of a downside. I would say the biggest drawback is people’s perception as to what legalized prostitution is and who I am. But through ignorance comes knowledge, and once people find out exactly how everything works and take the time to talk to me and see that I’m a person as well, their perceptions change. That’s probably the biggest downside to this business: people’s false perceptions. A lot of people would think it’s a dangerous life.

Is that true? Prostitution can be very dangerous—the illegal side of it anyway. When you legalize it, you take the criminal aspects out of it. It’s a very safe environment to be in. In 22 years of mandatory testing [in Nevada brothels], there has been not a single case of HIV or AIDS. A lot of other professions can’t say that, you know. So in a lot of ways it’s safer, healthwise, to work at the Ranch. I’m in a protected environment, I’m not breaking the law and not having to run from it, so it’s not really dangerous. It’s a lot of fun. Of course, it can be dangerous, you know, if you want it to be.

You’re a Midwestern girl, right? Midwest does it best, yes! Born in Iowa, raised in good ol’ Illinois, smack dab in the middle of the country, right on the Mississippi. But not on a farm, so I didn’t do anything interesting with cows. (Laughs.) No cowtipping as a kid.

What made you leave the Heartland? I had just graduated college, and I was working as a case manager for adults with developmental disabilities. I became a fan of Cathouse, and after about a year of watching it and falling in love with the show, I thought, You know, I can do that! I wasn’t necessarily promiscuous, but I loved to have sex and try different things. So I went and checked it out and started off 2006 with a bang. I started right on New Year’s Eve and have been there ever since. I keep ho-ing and ho-ing and ho-ing. I’m the Energizer Bunny—except that I give better blowjobs!

Has your work opened a lot of doors? It’s amazing the amount of opportunity that comes from being a hooker. I never thought I’d get to do half the things I’ve done. I’ve done a lot of mainstream television, this photo-shoot, the Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy Camp [August ’08 HUSTLER]. And now I have the opportunity to record an album—display all my oral skills, so to speak. I actually have a degree in music; it’s always been a love of mine. My work has really made it so that at a very young age I can do whatever I want with my life. And if I don’t want to work or do anything at all, I can do that too. I can retire young!

Are the acting offers rolling in yet? I haven’t had too many offers as far as acting goes. I did a skit with Comedy Central; that was fun. It’s nice to take who I am and put it in whatever context a television show is looking for. I don’t have to pretend to be somebody else; I can just be myself and have a great time. The acting door really hasn’t opened because everyone that comes to me is very interested in what I do currently. The acting I do is behind closed doors, in the bedroom. I can pretend to be a secretary or a teacher’s pet really well! You can even have the teacher, if you prefer.

Do you follow politics? I do. I mean, politics, prostitution—they’re both just big handjobs, right? So yes, I’m very interested in politics. I discuss politics with my clients and try to sway them from voting for Hillary Clinton.

Why? Are you a Republican? Oh, no, no! But I’m not for Hillary. I’m for Barack Obama. Orgasms for Obama! We don’t need another Clinton. It doesn’t need to be Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. This country’s not a monarchy. I look towards the future, not the past.

Is there a secret Brooke Taylor that you haven’t shown the world? You know, there’s really not a secret me. There are aspects of myself that I don’t show everybody, but I certainly don’t try to hide them. It’s just that some people don’t have the opportunity to see everything. Brooke is my real name. Most girls will change their name and have a whole other personality. I’m myself. It got me this far in life; I don’t see why I should change it. Some people will look at me and see just a hooker, but I’m a friend, I’m a daughter, I’m an aunt, a sister, a girlfriend and a lover to some. There are many aspects, and anyone who wants to see them is more than welcome to. I’m an open book—just flip the page!

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Mark Johnson

Photo Credit: Mark Lit

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