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Christine Nguyen - Traffic Stopping

Half-Vietnamese and 100% American, this exotic model and actress is guaranteed to stop traffic.

Think vintage Mary Tyler Moore. Now add almond eyes, golden skin, a remarkable bust and killer gams. If only the doll had a last name that wasn’t a tongue twister.

“Everybody messes it up,” Christine Nguyen acknowledges, settling into her seat at an L.A. sidewalk café. “It’s pronounced win, as in a win-win situation.” Just like the lady herself, who’s ubiquitous via print ads, commercials, bikini and nude layouts, DVD movies and a sexy reality TV series, Mystical Journeys: The Search for Miss Mystique.

“I was born in Saigon but raised in Houston,” Christine relates, “so I grew up speaking both languages. I had a commercial audition scheduled this morning. For the past couple of days I rehearsed to lose my American accent, so my Vietnamese sounded natural. This morning I thought, I can’t do this. It’s not me. It’s not as if I can afford to turn down work, but it’s just not who I am, so I canceled.” She shrugs. “Things work out. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here!”

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Nguyen’s demure summer outfit graces a dynamite bod—5-foot-6, 34C-24-34, a slim 105 pounds—that has been displayed in dozens of magazines, including Maxim, Sports Illustrated and Marie Claire. “I got into modeling in high school,” she recalls. “I majored in journalism, then went on to law school, but I didn’t want to be a lawyer. My mom was always concerned that I’d better get ‘a real job.’ But I work at modeling and acting—constantly.

“I’m comfortable with my body. I love eating—this pasta looks killer, by the way—but luckily I love working out just as much. My body’s my temple. It’s like having a beautiful car: You don’t mind driving it and having people stare.”

In addition to minor roles in mainstream shows such as Entourage, Nguyen has played leads in such madefor- cable fantasy and horror films as Mummy’s Kiss, Bikini Girls From the Lost Planet and Super Ninja Doll.

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“Casting agents avoid hiring you if you’re associated with anything sexy,” she continues. “‘Oh, you do soft-core porn?’ What does ‘soft-core porn’ mean anyway? They’re little cable movies, nothing raunchier than a big-budget movie, except these are shot in a week instead of a couple of months.”

Despite titles like Busty Centerfolds Caught in Bed and Swingers Sex Party, Nguyen has never actually made love on camera. “I can’t get into that mindset,” she says. “I couldn’t have real sex with someone I don’t love—or even know—then go home to a normal relationship. My fans ask, ‘Where’s the hardcore stuff? I’ve looked everywhere on the Net!’ I just tell ’em, ‘Keep on lookin’, pal.’

“I love travel. On assignments, I’ve seen Bermuda, the Caribbean, Italy, Germany and Paris, plus places all over our country, like Sedona, Arizona, with those craggy red rocks. That is such a cool place to go nude sunbathing! Down in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, I got to fight a bull. It was a little 400-pound bull, but that’s 300 pounds more than me!”

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The gypsy life keeps Nguyen continuously in motion, “except when I just collapse, then hole up for days in sweats and a T-shirt. Then that’ll get boring, and I jump back into it.”

Christine muses, “I had a boyfriend whom I adored, but man, was he possessive! I’d get home after working 12 hours and start to cook dinner. It’s just the way I am, very domestic. But I’m social; I like to have people over, have some wine and a smoke, play Texas Hold ’em, hang out—just interact! He’d go, ‘Why do we need those people here?’ Or worse, ‘Do you have to go hang out with someone else?’ Right, it’s so much more fun sulking around the apartment.”

Nguyen fantasizes about parlaying her looks and joie de vivre into a situation comedy: “I’d love to be recognized as a character, to have someone see me at a market and say, ‘I know you; you’re Jane!’ or whatever. As it is now, being Asian, I’d be relegated to the best friend role. It’s not as if anyone is going to cast me as the daughter in an all-white family, so I’ll just have to star in my own show.” Christine smiles. “And that would be a Nguyen-Nguyen situation!”

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