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HUSTLER Launches Its First ANDROID App

LFP Broadcasting, LLC, the television and mobile content division of HUSTLER, releases its very own ANDROID compatible mobile app today, available for $2.99.

The new HUSTLER app focuses on current HUSTLER Honeys as well as classic All- Stars from the past 36 years, and includes photos and videos, behind-the-scene interviews and all new Hustler talent. Loaded with content and features, along with cartoons and jokes featuring Hustler’s unique brand of humor, this app offers consumers some of the best elements of Hustler for the first time in the mobile app marketplace.

“Our main goal was to introduce an app that satisfies our current Hustler fans as well as one that attracts new interest.  Users will have a chance to not only see exclusive photos and videos of their favorite girls, but also gives them an insider’s glimpse into the girls’ off-camera personalities through video interviews,” says HUSTLER President, Michael H. Klein.

Hustler is the number one name in adult entertainment and one of the most popular consumer brands in the world. Hustler TV, the broadcast division, is the number one provider of adult content in the world.

“Methods for delivering content grow everyday and we’re eager to bring the world of HUSTLER and the exciting products we have to offer to ANDROID users.  This will expose HUSTLER to a whole new crop of adult fans,” says HUSTLER Founder and Chairman, Larry Flynt.

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