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Looking Back: Debi Diamond

Profile by Michael McClay

IN AN INDUSTRY THAT THRIVES ON SUPERLATIVES, Debi Diamond can lay claim to all of them. Rocker Tommy Lee’s experience with Debi is the best way to begin. In his book Tommyland the Mötley Crüe drummer recalled: “So I go to the bathroom, and two minutes later a hot blonde comes in, fucking rips my pants off, without saying a word, and sucks the FUCK out of my dick!

“The blood rushed to my head so fast that I blew chunks. After cumming, she bails immediately, metal style, and there I am with my pants down, feeling like a groupie. What the fuck just happened? It was epic!”

Debi Diamond belongs to the ages— Helen of Troy…Cleopatra…Catherine the Great…Mata Hari…Mae West…Marilyn Monroe—with a fire in her belly unmatched in adult entertainment. Insatiable, voracious and ravenous, Debi is a woman possessed, industrial strength, to the power of ten.

Debuting in 1983, Diamond quickly became one of the most prolific and profane performers of all time. In over 600 films the self-proclaimed “maneater” engaged in the most extreme acts with a ferocity unequaled by anyone. That’s why Debi came to be known as “The Lean, Mean Fucking Machine.”

Diamond claims she was never in the business to get rich or be a superstar. When horny, the 6-foot-tall vixen simply “worked cheap to get off.” She readily admits, “I can’t think of anything I haven’t done in front of the lens.”

Leading porn companies valued her versatility and dependability. “I was never a Vivid Girl,” Debi reminisces, “but they sure as hell used me a lot because their girls didn’t really enjoy it. They’d sneak me in the back door, and I’d give their candy asses a workout—and I didn’t mind! By the time I was done, they weren’t faking it. My Twitter name is Maneater. I guess I’m a womaneater too! I love to taste and smell sex, and I do it now more than ever before. I’m excited to be alive and be who I am.”

To top it all, when not tearing up the screen, Diamond is a devoted mother of three kids, making her the undisputed diva of MILFs.

Now fully into her career’s third act, age has not slowed the lady down. Having launched Debi Diamond Films, the 46-yearold continues to be the ultimate sexual animal, dishing out domination and abuse like a Tasmanian devil.

Regarding an Anabolic gang-bang shoot in the early ’90s, Debi recounts, “I was so covered in cum, I looked like a glazed doughnut. Afterwards the director called more guys because I was just starting. By the shoot’s end, 27 guys had gotten off, and I got hornier with each one!”

Debi Diamond

Debi gets gang-banged (in director Greg Dark’s 1990 Between the Cheeks 2 ).

Diamond’s reputation for losing control is legendary. According to Anthony Petkovich’s book The X Factory: Inside the American Hardcore Film Industry, while shooting Buttslammers #6 at director Bruce Seven’s house, Debi was so enthralled that she destroyed his furniture. She finally requested a “take five,” during which she masturbated herself to orgasm against a light boom. Only then was she able to regain enough composure to finish the scene as written.

Debi relates how one day she surprised HUSTLER Publisher Larry Flynt. After admiring the dildo collection in his office, she grabbed one, plunked her ass down in a chair, spread her legs and pleasured herself for over an hour in an unforgettable private show. Debi Diamond started in the business when porn’s “Golden Age” was ending. Her Wicked Ways, Bad Girls #2, All American Girls 2: In Heat and Suze Randall’s Stud Hunters are now Diamond classics. By the end of the 1980s she’d solidified her reputation as an energetic, spunky and insatiable performer who was up for anything, especially anal, double penetrations and gang-bangs.

Surprisingly, Diamond’s personal life is devoid of the usual dark secrets held by many porn actresses. There’s no evidence of childhood sexual abuse, no major psychological breakdowns or substance abuse, no personality disorders and no terrible losses or traumas. “Looking for my dark side?” Debi asks. “It’s all up there on the screen.”

Debra Lester was born on May 1, 1965. The future Debi Diamond spent her youth living a farm girl’s existence in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. Her father and grandfather were motion picture special- effects men, and as a kid, Debra had the inside track on getting small parts and walk-ons in countless films and TV shows.

Fiercely independent and an avowed loner, Debra was a tomboy whose favorite companions were her dog and horse. Naturally, she wasn’t a social butterfly or part of her high school’s in crowd. “I never wore makeup or put on high heels,” Diamond recalls. “I was a motorcycle drag racer with short, greasy nails.”

After graduating, Debra appeared in several TV series, including the original V, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Fall Guy and Knight Rider.

But the fledgling mainstream actress soon learned that getting better jobs usually required sucking and fucking casting agents and producers. “This was cool for a while,” she admits. “I got lots of parts and big checks. I had many wonderful affairs with the rich and powerful, but it got ugly.”

Debi Diamond

Debi today: Diamond as fetching as ever in Dirty Over 30, Volume 3.

Finally fed up with the roles she was getting, Debra decided to try porn. Signing with prominent adult-industry agent Jim South, she was soon appearing in numerous hard-core magazines and films under various pseudonyms. Before settling on Debi Diamond, the hot-to-trot Valley girl was taking porn by storm as Miss D.D., Deborah Diamond, Debi Dymond, Josi Emerson, Kaviar and other monikers.

Just as Diamond’s popularity peaked at the 200-film mark in 1988, she engineered her first departure from XXX to become a legal secretary. Later she moved to Las Vegas, where she worked as a cocktail waitress and a poker dealer.

Ultimately, Hollywood producer Robert Evans (Chinatown, Black Sunday, Urban Cowboy ) hired Diamond as his personal assistant. Through Evans, she met some of his big-shot contacts, including glamour photographer Helmut Newton.

Debi’s ardor and fearless bravado blew Newton away, and she became one of the world-famous shutterbug’s favorite subjects. Nevertheless, the lure of having sex on camera was overwhelming.

Returning in 1989, Diamond was 40 pounds lighter and even more driven. “I came back with a vengeance and as a 24/7, full-on sex addict,” she recollects. “I felt amazing and strong and was ready to fuck! I loved watching myself. I loved the fear I’d see in my partners’ eyes. I was there every day that work was available! I was a fuck machine and happy to be me!”

Diamond’s searing sexuality brought back her old fans and attracted new ones. Critics were impressed as well. Her XRCO-nominated performance in John Stagliano’s Gang Bangs II (1989) is considered one of the greatest group sex scenes ever filmed.

Along the way, Debi was garnering prestigious kudos for her body of work. She was named AVN ’s 1994 Female Performer of the Year, and a year later she garnered multiple AVN awards: Best All-Girl Sex Scene- Film (The Dinner Party ), Best All-Girl Sex Scene-Video (Buttslammers #4 ), Best Group Sex Scene-Film (Sex ) and Most Outrageous Sex Scene (Depraved Fantasies ).

Still, even after being inducted into three porn halls of fame—XRCO, AVN and Legends of Erotica—the superstar’s cravings were not satisfied. “In the evenings I’d seek out even more sex,” Debi discloses. “I became a rock groupie and found a life outside porn. The rock star mentality was similar to mine: Fuck ’em and go! Today I know I was good at it after reading about myself in other band books besides Tommy Lee’s.”

Diamond’s life abruptly changed in January 1994 thanks to the Northridge Earthquake. The experience was shattering in every sense of the word. Her house condemned, she put everything into storage, leaving the Los Angeles area without telling anyone.

“People thought I was dead,” she says, “but it just had to be done cold turkey. It was my life, and I was determined to start a new one and prove that I could do something else.”

The trail gets vague. Diamond moved around the country, stopping here and there to augment her nest egg as a stripper. Eventually she found Mr. Right, got married and settled down in farm country near Chicago. When asked about her husband, Debi—who’s now single—replies, “All I can say is that he is the best man I ever met!”

Twelve years went by, and the normally outspoken Debi Diamond has little to say about her absence from the limelight: “It was a quiet life. We never fought; we bought a farm with horses, cows and the usual trappings. I had three kids. I loved being a mom and still do.”

Debi adds, “My clock was ticking. I had never found the right father [with whom to raise a family], and I was really, really in love with someone for the first time in my life. I just had the feeling now’s the time. You really can’t turn back once you step through that door. I knew when I committed to [parenthood], it would be for a lifetime.” In 2006, Diamond began contacting people from the old days. Little by little she tested the waters, liked what she was hearing and slowly made the move back into porn.

Wanting to produce her own distinctive brand of erotica, the XXX legend established Debi Diamond Films in 2010. With sweeping changes in porn and the Internet, Debi knew she had to do something radically different.

Debi Diamond

Double-duty Deb: The insatiable one gladly takes it on in 2009's Cougar Club 2.

She joined the femme-dom fetish crowd, catering to aficionados of strap-ons, cock-and ball torture, electro-play, ass and foot worship and related kink that commands top dollar from consumers willing to pay for unconventional depravity. As Debi explains, “It’s all the delicious things a bossy girl like me would enjoy filming— and watching! So I hired beautiful Amazons who love to beat the shit out of willing male slaves.”

Conveying Diamond’s sense of humor and characteristic irreverence, her company’s first title—This Isn’t Max Hardcore —took a shot at the now-imprisoned extreme-sex maestro. The video parody was nominated for the 2010 AVN Award for Best New Strap-on Release. Diamond hosts a freewheeling show on SiriusXM’s Spice Radio and writes for the Internet site AIN News. She’s also a fervent animal rights activist who’ll scramble up the coast with the kids at a moment’s notice for volunteer work at the Ventura County Wildlife Association.

When asked about her future professional plans, Debi is direct: “Sex, sex, sex and more sex. Directing, writing, fucking, traveling—the sky’s the limit!”

However, her top priority is being a responsible, caring parent. “I can’t imagine life without hearing the word mom,” Debi says. “It’s so life altering. No hesitation. It takes first place over everything else, including my career in sex.”


Michael McClay is a 30-year veteran as an editor, publicist, journalist and creative consultant for numerous companies “from G-rated to adults only.” He is currently writing “the complete picture history of X-rated entertainment.”

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