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Meet Mrs. Siren

We recently met up with the enigmatic Mrs. Dee Siren. One day we got this mysterious message from her via twitter “Hi, I’ll be in Los Angeles this weekend. Prepare yourself.”

With a note like that, how could you not be intrigued? Through a cloak and dagger routine, we were able to shake hands with Ms. Siren in an non-descript location in porn valley.

After being vetted by her bodyguards, we came to find out that she is from the south Texas. She is a swinger and currently transitioning into the wonderful world of adult entertainment. This piqued our interest, here is how the rest of our conversation went:

How is the adult scene like out there in Texas?
People are private out in Texas. Therefore, it is difficult to find talent. What I like to do is real stuff “crazy fucker” type stuff. It is actually harder to find male talent in Texas. There is no real adult scene compared to out here in Los Angeles. However, we have found a few girls and are going to shoot with them for my site.

You transitioned from swinger to porn star, how did that happen?
Well, my husband took many pictures of me. I am a natural exhibitionist. Then we started doing cam stuff and posting things on Twitter. It kind of took off from there. Then a company in Florida saw some of my stuff and I filmed my first scene.

What was the response like from Twitter?
I am a picture whore, so people really liked it. However, our swinger friends were a bit shocked. Especially since, I have a proclivity towards really really big toys.

What is your favorite thing that you have done on camera so far?
Gang bangs. Definitely. I love fucking. Bukkakes are also up there. I just love the attention of it all with all the men around me.

Which do you prefer?
Gang bangs because I like to fuck. Bukkakes are great because they are so visual. I’m a voyeur and a role player so that is great for me. But, bukkakes are totally different because there is no touching really – it’s a show. While with gang bangs there is touching and fucking. More sensual too. It is completely what I’m all about. I just go nuts during gang bangs. They always end in everybody being wet and sticky – it’s lovely.

What is the “strangest” thing you’ve done on camera?
I had a cam request to put an egg in my pussy. It wasn’t a big deal for me. I like trying a sorts of different things. It takes a lot to shock me.

Who is someone in the industy you want to work with?
Courtney Cummz. We have talked some and I think she is so sexy and amazing.

What would be your dream scene be like with her?
Something anal and naughty. I think she is really into anal as well, so I imagine it would be a great scene not just for me but also for anybody to watch.

What is the favorite thing you have done in the past year, it doesn’t have to be porn related.
Doing this interview. Also working with a lot of girls that I’ve become good friends with. Essentially everything in the industry that I’ve done has been really great. I find the industry to be great – everyone is really nice. I haven’t had a bad experience at all since I’ve been in the industry.

How has the internet helped your career?
It is my career. Twitter totally started everything. Putting something on the internet and getting immediate feedback is great. I think my fans really get to know me because I am so open on the internet and though my website.

Spit or Swallow?
Both. Depends on what you taste like.

Vag or Anal?
That is a hard question. Both

If you had to do one for the rest of your life.
I squirt a lot through vaginal. However, it depends on the person. Sometimes anal is better with the right person.

Rough or Tender?
Rough, most definitely. I am naturally more submissive. Once it’s “on” I like to be treated like a ragdoll. I like to be gagged, it makes me squirt like crazy. My body reacts the best to the rough stuff.

With that, we were speechless for the rest of the night.

You can check out Ms. Siren on the internet at or on twitter @mrssiren

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