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the erotic review



When German rockers, Rammstein released the video for the lead-off single “Pussy” (NSFW), from their lastest album “Liebe ist für alle da” we were blown away. What was flashing before us in all its technicolor glory was the most porntastic music video or most musical porno we had ever seen. Coupled with the songs juvenile yet totally hilarious chorus “You’ve got a pussy/I’ve got a dick/So what’s the problem?” made the whole thing completely awesome. We had to get an interview with these guys!

We were lucky enough to get the groups guitarist Paul Landers on the phone along with his translator Ross to tersely answer some dire questions about porn, partying, and of course pussy!

So Paul, what kind of porn does Rammstein like? Everybody in the band has their own taste. But we all like funny porno.

What’s your personal taste in porn? I’m not really into watching other people have sex. But, I have nothing against naked women!

What are some of Rammstein’s favorite porn stars? We don’t really keep up to date and remember names with that sort of thing. If we did remember, we would have asked them to be in the video.

Has anybody in the band ever hooked up with a porn star? We rather not say, everybody in the band is in a serious relationship. So we don’t want to have the whole world knowing what we’re up to. But, I do want to say that the girls in the “Pussy” video were extremely friendly towards us and each other.

Where did you find the girls in the video? They are German porn stars, and we shot that video at a bordello in Berlin. This was the fist time anyone in the band had ever met a German porn actress.

Do you have any good groupie stories that stand out in your mind? Again, we would like to keep those to ourselves because of the relationships we’re in.

Where did the idea for the “Pussy” video come from? The director read the lyrics and said lets do a porno. It only took us 2 minutes to say yes. This is in contrast with the next video we’re trying to work on. The ideas have been on the table for three months now, and we still can’t decide what to do.

What was the inspiration behind the lyrics of “Pussy”? The song had been done for some time. It’s only 4 chords and Till (Rammstein’s lead singer) was trying out different word combinations and different things worked. We actually had a version of the song entirely in English which was really humorous. But different people wanted it half in German. Because there’s a consensus that people prefer to have Rammstein not sing in English.

Why do people prefer that you guys not sing in English? I have no idea. People think we suck harder when we sing in English.

Was that really you guys in the “Pussy” video? Yes, It was all of us in the band.

Have you given any thought about a full length Rammstein porno? If everything works out, we’re going to put out a 10 minute version of the “Pussy” video.

What can we expect from that 10 minute version that’s different from the one already out? The only difference will be the amount of time.

Any final words for the readers of Hustler? We’re looking forward to touring North America again. Also for all our special after parties.

What’s special about these after parties? I’ll just say, there aren’t too many men around.

You guys have toured a lot, which cities in the world have the wildest women? That’s a hard question to answer. But, a quick list would include Iceland, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, and eastern Europe.

Finally, how is sex different with Americans versus Germans? Americans are more open and less complicated. With Americans there’s always a party atmosphere.

Rammstein plays their only American date in New York this December 11th.

“Liebe ist für alle da” is out now on Universal Records.

Richard Graves

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