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A Day in the Life: Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze
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JENNA HAZE IS HOLDING A GIANT TURKEY BASTER, and she’s got a big grin on her face. Sadly, she’s not about to do anything sexual with it—at least not in the middle of the Crate & Barrel housewares section.

At the moment, Jenna’s only admiring the gleaming 12 inches for its culinary possibilities, along with a variety of other kitchen bric-a-brac. Turns out Jenna’s a pretty darn good cook. She makes a garlic parmesan chicken with noodles to die for. Who would have thought? Our adventure begins at the 2009 XRCO Awards ceremony, where the X-Rated Critics Organization honors the people working in the adult film industry. The Highlands, a trendy Hollywood nightclub, is packed to capacity; in addition to the paparazzi and the many industry up-and-comers (no pun intended), it’s a veritable who’s who of porn royalty. Icons like Nina Hartley and Veronica Hart, long retired from the biz, work the room alongside dozens of today’s young stars and the hoped-for stars of tomorrow. They are all excitedly schmoozing, kissing, hugging and groping each other with more familiarity than their personal medical internists.

The reason the mood is so convivial is simple: Most performers know each other intimately. And I don’t mean they’ve shared a few secrets over drinks. I’m talking about intimate in a “Didn’t-I-fuck-you-inthe- ass-last-month?” kind of way.

Just like in mainstream Hollywood, the performers who rule the adult industry are a relatively small number, which means the same people work together over and over again—a lot. Combine that with the proliferation of personal Web sites, where entrepreneurial porn thespians commonly lend each other a helping hand (in addition to their more marketable body parts), and you end up with a room where more cross-pollination has gone on than at your average botanical garden.

Jenna Haze
Click here to see an uncensored video gallery of Jenna

At the epicenter of the evening’s action is porn superstar Jenna Haze. Cameras follow her every step. When Jenna pauses to pose for a picture, lesser- known performers immediately slip into frame alongside her. When you’re hot in this business, you have lots of friends.

Jenna’s career is on fire. She’s got her own production company, a long list of best-selling movie titles, a very lucrative Web site (, an exotic dance tour and a budding directing career. This year she’s already garnered Performer of the Year at AVN and XBIZ, the two other award shows that matter in the industry. She’s up for XRCO’s Performer of the Year tonight as well, and if she wins it, she’ll have achieved the Triple Crown of porn. No one has ever been honored as Performer of the Year by all three organizations before.

But first the suspense has to build. Interminably. To be supportive, the industry tries to honor as many individuals as it can. Consequently, in addition to more traditional categories like Best Actor, Best Actress, Best New Performer, etc., there is a plethora of more eclectic awards: Orgasmic Analist, Orgasmic Oralist (not to be confused with the separate and equally prestigious Deep Throat Award), SuperSlut and Unsung Swordsman, to name but a few.

The heartfelt, emotional thank-yous inevitably feel a bit perfunctory if long-winded, which isn’t much of a shock. When you’re competing in movies like Big Wet Asses or The Texas Vibrator Massacre, how choked with emotion can you really get? By the end of the evening the crowd is pretty antsy. Everyone’s anxious to get to the big categories— the ones that help a performer’s career trajectory by translating into significant promotional dollars.

Finally it’s time. And when it’s your moment in history, whether it’s Mickey Mantle or Seattle Slew (Triple Crown winners in baseball and horse racing, respectively), nothing stands in the way of destiny. And it’s Jenna’s destiny to be a winner once more: XRCO’s Best Female Performer of the Year.

The next day, discussing her latest triumph over lunch, Jenna seems genuinely touched. “It makes me proud that my fans, peers and critics really appreciate what I do,” she muses. “I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into my work—in a hotter way, of course.”

Jenna wasn’t always a hardworking, business-minded performer trying to build a loyal fan base. When she got started in the business at 19, she was every teenage boy’s fantasy—and every parent’s candidate for a medieval chastity belt.

Jenna Haze
Click here to see an uncensored video gallery of Jenna

“I was never a shy child,” Jenna remembers. “I was a big fan of porn in high school. I made videos and took pictures with my boyfriend. I even brought a girlfriend into the relationship. That’s when I first learned that threesomes are better left on camera.”

Jenna was the quintessential “bad girl” back then, dropping out of high school, then stripping once she turned 18. But the young, drippingly oversexed teen soon discovered she wasn’t content swinging from a brass pole and pretending to be thrilled while giving lap dances. She wanted something more.

That’s when destiny stepped into the picture. While hanging around the club scene, Jenna had a chance meeting with porn director Craven Morehead, who immediately offered the superhot, directionless bad girl a part in one of his films. The rest, as they say, is history.

“It’s ironic,” Jenna reflects. “I entered this business for fun, and as I grew up, I started to take my career more seriously. I feel so lucky it all happened.”

Jenna has grown up all right—big-time. During her workday she multitasks with the ease of a corporate CEO. When the cameras are rolling on the set of the latest Porn Stars Like It Big, she’s totally focused on the task at hand (and in her hand)—in this instance passionately sucking the formidable cock of costar Scott Nails. But as soon as the scene is done, while the crew prepares for the next setup, Jenna shifts gears quicker than a Formula One driver, seamlessly moving on to other business.

Texting away on her iPhone, she rambles, “I run my company, I check my MySpace, I maintain my Web forum, I answer e-mail questions, update my blog and Twitter—all day. I basically do everything for myself. In between all that I’m also buying a house.”

Jenna the businesswoman knows it’s a good time to get into the California real estate market…and that now is also a good time to plan for the future. “I’m not going to perform forever,” she acknowledges. “That’s why I’m already starting to produce and direct.” But that’s not the entire master plan: “I’m very family-oriented. When I’m ready, I want to get married and have a couple of kids.”

Jenna Haze
Click here to see an uncensored video gallery of Jenna

And who will be the lucky soul to settle behind that white picket fence with the legendary Jenna Haze? Hard to say for sure. Jenna’s had serious, long-term relations before with both sexes. “I’ve fucked beautiful women, fat guys and gorgeous guys,” she admits. “I don’t have boundaries. I’m attracted to someone for who they are. I don’t discriminate.

At the moment Jenna is “not discriminating” against XXX director/producer Jules Jordan. It’s the most stable relationship of her life—three-and-a-half years and going strong.

“I’ve known Jules Jordan eight years,” Jenna confides. “When I broke up with my last boyfriend, he called me, and we started to go out. It’s turned into the best relationship I’ve ever had, personally and professionally.”

Professionally, Jordan did for Jenna what Colonel Tom Parker did for Elvis: He made an appealing, marginally known performer into a star. Jordan was the producer and director of the 2006 multi-award winning Jenna Haze Darkside, Jenna’s first boy/girl release in three years.

Up until that time, due to loyalty toward the industry cameraman she’d been dating, Jenna only performed with women—and her career suffered. So when the relationship soured, she turned to Jordan for creative guidance.

Jordan returned Jenna to what first turned on her fans: classically simple, lusty hetero performances. In addition, he cranked up the dial, getting Jenna to do anal, interracial, an oral blow/bang sequence and some fetish-oriented scenes involving feet and light bondage and discipline. In other words, if you liked your porn hot and nasty, Jenna Haze Darkside was the perfect Whitman Sampler.

A star was reborn. Jenna took the opportunity and ran with it—all the way to the bank. That’s why she can afford to go on shopping sprees at her neighborhood Crate & Barrel store, picking up furniture and accessories for her new digs.

After I watch her test out every bed, chair and couch in the place (regrettably, for seating comfort only), Jenna reflects on the ironies of the ups and downs in her life. “I had a lot of crappy jobs. I feel blessed that I found something I enjoy so much. Now I let life play itself out. I just try to have fun.”

It’s an arrangement that works for everybody. Jenna has fun, and her fans have almost as much fun watching. And I’ve got to admit, even watching the porn superstar hold a turkey baster is pretty hot.

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