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Strip Club Etiquette: T'Pain's Guide

T-Pain is treated like a king at the HUSTLER Club in New York City


PLATINUM RAPPER T-PAIN turned bump and grind establishments from coast to coast upside down with his smash hit “I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper).” A connoisseur of G-string divas, T-Pain knows how to treat the ladies right—whether he’s gawking at the rail or kicking back for a private dance. We gave the Tallahassee hip-hopper VIP treatment at Larry Flynt’s HUSTLER Club in New York City, and now T-Pain returns the favor by talking about his take-it-off anthem and tossing out some essential tips for fellow strip joint fans.

HUSTLER: What inspired you to write “I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper)”? I took a friend of mine in Florida to a strip club. It was his first time. So I got ahold of one of the girls and gave her some money and told her to stay on him. And he fell in love with her!

The next day we went to the studio, and I wrote the song. The girls are gonna be stripping to that for a long time.

What is your favorite strip club? Diamond’s Cabaret in Miami. It’s got everything: a barber shop on the side, a weight room and gym in the back. They got buffets and a lot of stuff that shouldn’t be in a strip club. (Laughs.)

What are your do’s and don’ts when you’re hanging at a strip club? “Don’t throw money down and then pick it up!” (Laughs.) That’s the number one don’t! The number two don’t is “Don’t go broke.” The number three don’t is “Don’t sit there with your last ten dollars and try to stretch it out till the end of the night.”

Also, “Don’t talk to the girls for too long.” After you run out of money, don’t sit around talking to the girls, because they want to tell people their life stories. Then you tell them your life story, then they go tell the next dude or other strippers everything you’ve told them. It gets pretty whack.

What are your rules on touching? When it comes to the physical contact, some guys start acting all tough and everything. They put on their game face, and that gets really scary. You don’t want to act hard when you’re touching the girls.

Years back, I was at the Gold Club in Atlanta on tour with a band, and we got torn up. I had a bottle of champagne, and when this stripper bent over, I shook the bottle and sprayed bubbly up her ass. I was out of that place so fast, I thought they were going to ticket me for speeding. You ever get 86’d from a strip club? No, I don’t think so. I try to chill when I hit the clubs. Damn, that was a good idea though. (Laughs.)

I saw it as foreplay. Yeah, well champagne is a good aphrodisiac. (Laughs.)

Do you have rules about drinking in strip clubs? “Don’t get too drunk.” Sip it every now and then. “Don’t try to buy a bunch of drinks to impress people.” All that’s going to happen is you’re gonna get really horny and drunk, and then you’ll be broke.

One last question, T-Pain. How would you rate the Big Apple’s HUSTLER Club? Fantastic, great, very rich. The girls are great, especially that Asian one.

Larry Flynt’s HUSTLER Club is located at 641 W. 51st St. (near the West Side Highway), New York, NY 10019

Tom Farrell

Photo Credit: Tom Farrell

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