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Beaver HuntTori

“I love attention, and I want everyone to look at me,” states Tori, 18, a retail clerk from Albuquerque, New Mexico. “I’m going to do everything in my power to be famous, and this isn’t the last you will see or hear of me.” Although being a porn star isn’t on her agenda, the 5-foot-10 hottie sure emulates one.

“I’m single and always ready to have crazy, wild sex,” Tori declares. “I’ve been bent over a sign on the side of a highway, and I’ve had sex in a cabana, an elevator and on top of a cable box. I’ve been told I give the best head because I have no gag reflex. I’m a pleaser all the way, and I have a big heart, so if a guy wants and deserves to fuck me in the ass, I’m down.”

No wonder Tori, who’s got a homemade sex tape under her belt, ruminates, “I get turned on when I’m riding a fella reverse cowgirl, and I hear him moan that he’s never had a girl like me.” Yes, this may not be the last we see or hear of Tori!
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