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Beaver Hunt

“With so many people telling me I should be a model, I knew right where I wanted to start,” states this “flirtatious, energetic and enthusiastic” waitress from Leechburg, Pennsylvania. “My favorite magazine, HUSTLER Magazine. I’m not afraid to try anything at least once.” That credo applies whether Honey, 21, is walking down the street—like the time she and some lady friends flashed a bunch of firefighters— or in the throes of passion. “I’m straight but have had bi-curious experiences,” the 4-foot-11 dynamo discloses. “I love doggy-style, getting my pussy eaten and having sex in the shower or public places. I also like it rough. Slap my ass, pull my hair, and if I feel the need for extra kinkiness, fuck me in the ass! I like it all.” Belying her lack of inhibitions, Honey also relishes social networking, the arts, music (Hall & Oates, Poison, Guns N’ Roses), football, comic/actor Dane Cook and Family Guy. But they play second fiddle to sex and her ultimate aspiration: “I want to be a HUSTLER Honey centerfold.” Good luck, Honey.  - Photos by Husband

Beaver Hunt Beaver Hunt


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