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Throughout her life, Rebecca has never failed to turn heads. Now at age 40 the Sin City denizen continues to attract men, and she believes her freewheeling hometown deserves some of the credit. “Living in Las Vegas definitely keeps me feeling young at heart,” Rebecca exuberantly coos. “I love it when guys think I’m still in my 20s!” Vigorously maintaining her body has paid dividends, both for appearance’s sake and opportunity. “I enjoy my fitness routine and working out,” Rebecca explains. “The best part about going to the gym is getting to flirt with all those younger men. I love watching them sweat for me.”

But being a big cocktease isn’t this well-built lady’s cup of tea. “The gym is the best place to pick up guys because I can show off what they’ll be working with in the sack!” As you can see, Rebecca has a lot to offer. “I think my big boobs are my best physical attribute,” the 5-foot-6 knockout points out. “At least that’s what all the guys tell me. But it’s my talents as a caring, imaginative and experienced lover that totally blow them away!” Rebecca may only be a skin-pic amateur, but the scintillating Cougar knows how to show off her anatomy like a seasoned model. “I’m so excited to be featured in HUSTLER,” she marvels. “It’s so sexy and hip.” With a wink, ravishing Rebecca muses, “I hope all your readers find me as attractive as my boy toys at the gym!”

Miley Morrison

Photo Credit: Photos by Friend

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