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the erotic review



AGE: 31

STATUS: In a relationship

In the past several issues, you’ve seen the stunning creations of HUSTLER’s new contributor, Ariock. Now meet the French artist’s breathtaking exotic muse (and real-life girlfriend), Drakaina. Originally from France, this month’s MySpace Girl recently moved to Canada to continue pursuing an acting career and to be closer to Nova Scotia-based Ariock. Drakaina—which means “she-devil” in Greek—is recognized as France’s first fantasy-art model, but she has also posed for comics, pinups and soft-core erotica. Drakaina describes herself as a Wiccan, explaining, “It’s a way of life, communicating with nature and what’s surrounding us.” Befitting a disciple of Mother Earth, she absolutely loves animals and especially enjoys long walks in the woods with her dog, a Shiba Inu named Beltane.

Last year, as a high-profile champion of animal rights, Drakaina was approached by PETA France to become one of the group’s official spokesmodels. Of course, the 5-foot-9 demigoddess’s favorite sexual experiences involve Ariock, whom she first met in 2001. “We know each other so well, we can push our limits further every time,” Drakaina tells us. When asked to disclose her greatest unfulfilled sexual fantasy, she replies, “A hot-and-steamy encounter with a sexy vampire who would just leave me begging for more!” What else would you expect from a drop-dead-gorgeous, Wiccan comic-book model? You’ll be seeing much more of this statuesque vixen on Ariock’s page in this magazine and on the big screen. Drakaina is cast as a medieval village’s wench in the upcoming Outlander (starring James Caviezel and Jack Huston). If that’s not enough for you, head to the Internet. Besides, the dreamgirl has more tantalizing pics and video clips at Are we worthy?

Tyler Downey

Photo Credit: Drakaina and

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