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the erotic review


Kelli Baker


AGE: 28


STATUS: In a relationship

Canada is a great neighbor. We give them acid rain. They give us beauties like this. Primarily a fashion and swimsuit model, Kelli poses for “tasteful nudes” every now and then. The funloving hottie, whose wildest fantasy is “making love underneath a waterfall,” enjoys shooting pool, horseback riding and watching her beloved Maple Leafs play hockey.


As for her favorite sexual position, she exclaims, “I like a large variety!” When it comes to intimacy, Kelli definitely knows what she wants. The breathtaking Canadian used to write a relationship-advice column for men. Now she gets suggestive offers from horny fans every day on MySpace. For more modest nudes of Kelli, check out her Web site ( or visit


Tyler Downey

Photo Credit: Dan Olek

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