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Michelle Monroe

Michelle Monroe

AGE: 25

STATUS: In a relationship

Our latest MySpace eye candy is an uninhibited lass from West Yorkshire, England. Having appeared in several British tabloids, magazines and documentaries, Michelle now wants to majestically introduce herself to HUSTLER readers around the world. With three years of modeling under her belt, the gorgeous miss is always ready to pounce on a good opportunity to further her career—even hard journalism. She recently signed on to be a topless anchor for Now that’s a talking head with pizzazz! Michelle, who describes herself as “easily bored,” loves “new challenges” because the doll wants to have good stories to tell when she’s in an oldpersons home. One of her favorites is the time she was doing a lightbondage shoot (yes, we’re madly in love) with her hands and feet tied to a chair.

Striking a precarious pose, Michelle lost her balance and fell on her pretty face! Unfazed, she just chalked it up to experience. Meanwhile, her latest challenge is belly-dancing, but we doubt there’re any openings for that class. Michelle’s biggest sexual turn-on? Men’s work boots! Seeing her man come home with a pair of those on his feet, she just wants to “rip his clothes off!” Actually, the hottie is up for shagging just about anywhere. Her fondest sexual memory is making love in the sea on a trip to Egypt. There were snorkelers all around, but nobody noticed…she hopes. Michelle has gotten some strange messages on MySpace. One guy asked her a bunch of political questions to see if she was just another ditzy blonde. “I don’t mind playing dumb because it sells,” she admits, “but I told the bloke to fuck off.”

Maybe he’d be interested to know that Michelle is an entrepreneur. Desiring long, lustrous locks, she couldn’t find any extensions to her liking and decided to produce her own. Now the lovely Brit sells them all over the world at And a clothing Web site is in the works. Finally, Michelle wishes to say hello to all her American fans and new admirers alike. To see more of this beautiful, down-to-earth and wickedly funny gal, check out and

Tyler Downey

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