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the erotic review


Caitlin Connor

“There was a time I dreamt of being a famous fashion model,” curvy Caitlin Connor remarks, “but I’m not 5-foot-10 and anorexic.” Six inches shorter, eating right and much bolder than she ever imagined, this 18-year-old sophomore at Rhode Island College has come our way. “I’m really excited about being picked,” the perky newcomer gushes. “If I’m good enough to be in HUSTLER, I can do anything!” Caitlin, a graphic communications major, is certainly cut out to be a skin-biz fave, but that’s not her sole ambition. After earning a B.A. degree, she hopes to land a job in advertising or as a magazine’s art director. (HUSTLER will be eagerly awaiting that application!)

A model student in more ways than one, Caitlin gets “good” grades, doesn’t drink or do drugs and is also proud to admit, “I’m not promiscuous. Actually, I’m very old-fashioned when it comes to sex. I like to be wooed.” And nude! For other extracurricular “uppers” the unbashful doll has a litany of kicks, from “catching the eye of rockers with tattoos and piercings” to “beating all comers at Mario Kart ” to “eating up ’80s and ’90s TV shows.” Reveals the couch potato, who has a soft spot for Nickelodeon’s Big Ear of Corn, “My all-time fave is Full House. I even designed a fan Web site for the Olsen Twins. It was so cool growing up with them.” As if ordained, Caitlin now shares a dorm suite with seven other coeds, but so far the arrangement has been strictly platonic. That’s not to say lesbo hanky-panky is completely out of the question. “If I ever go all the way with a girl,” Caitlin chirps, “she’s got to be squeaky-clean and have huge boobs!” Meanwhile, the ardent fan of two Rhode Island icons—namely the filmmaking Farrelly Brothers and the cartoon series Family Guy—has a huge following at our favorite social networking Web site. Caitlin does her thing at, and she’ll be tickled pink if you shoot off a friend request her way. If you shoot off anything else, make sure it doesn’t land in your hair. There’s something about Caitlin, and it all gels.

Photo Credit: Caitlin Connor

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