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the erotic review

your brother stopped
pissed off
Christ on taco shells
premature ejaculation.
Black Dude
Low Price
My blow up doll
Chicken Fucker
Wanted a Pony
You look a lot like the dude
Never going to amount to shit
Dudes Like You
Weak Stomach
My Wife and Girlfriend
Another Job
Sunny-side Up
Sits on your face
Real Men Prenuptial
Drop Dead
Cant be rushed
Shit, it’s my wife
Design fabulous clothes
Ass in Cargo
Fuck You Memorial
Fight them here!
Halo Off
My hand is an atheist
Jenny still has real tits!
Career as a feminist
Fart Fishing
700 Club
Eat Pussy
Christian rock’ again
Prayed for guidance
Cards for Guys
Small Dick
Sell T-shirt
Fuck the shit out of her
Razor Blades
Pumpkin head
Black Face
Daddy’s bazooka
You oughta be crucified!
Whats that Smell
Turn The Page
Catholic Church Crack Down
My balls back
Black Market
Early Christian Spin
Im a pig
Jesus Shark
Flynt Theaters
43 years
Big Butts
Break up
Biggest Slut
Doesnt Concern You
Dogs Name
Only after one thing
Upper Class
Welcome to Porn
Liberals Took Over
Third World Baby
Priest Kiddie Porn
Sick Bastard
Mice Football
Help a Lady
Who shot Jesse
Mastectomy Juggler
Hostile Work Enivronment
Street Whore at 18
Why God Doesn't Hear Our Prayers
Mommy kissing Santa Claus
Pussy Cat Food
Fucked Up Evangelicals
Motor never broke
Republican Integrity Association
Tattoos Removed
We migrated
Dog Smell
Wife and Dog
Catholic Sexual Intercourse
Cartoon model
Brainwash me
Born again
We need to invent religion!