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HUSTLER Magazine - February 2014

Badass Babe Christy Mack

Badass Babe Christy Mack
War Machine’s handpicked fuck partner returns to reveal what makes her tick: tinkering with fast cars, getting inked and making her boy toys purr.

Palahniuk’s Gonzo Erotica

Chuck Palahniuk, the cult writer behind Fight Club and other viral books, gives us the scoop on his latest obsession. Hint: It’s a subject we’re deep into.

Aural Gratification

Aural Gratification
Rap, rock or Rach – maninoff? Six of the world’s finest fuckdolls tell us what they like in their ears when all their other holes are being stuffed.

Cuntzilla vs. Cockocracy

Cuntzilla vs. Cockocracy
In her HUSTLER debut, punk performance icon Lydia Lunch imagines what would have happened if she were the hotel maid allegedly raped by a global banking predator.

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