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Emma Mae

Emma Mae - HUSTLER Magazine

Emma Mae, is there any important meaning behind your tattoos? Some have meaning some don’t. I had a boyfriend who got me into tattoos. I really like bad boys. If you have tattoos, drive a truck, and have a pit bull, then I’m probably going to hit on you.

Emma Mae isn’t as intimidating as she seems: “I want to say to guys that unless you’re repulsive or a total douchebag, you probably have a shot at me. That’s not to say if you pick me up in a club, I’m going to fuck you in a bathroom stall. But if you romance me a little and make me laugh, then a couple of dates down the line, you’ll get me good. You also have to be secure and self-confident and let me be me. I know every guy thinks he can handle having a porn star for a girlfriend, but it takes a special guy to really be able to hang.”

Emma Mae - HUSTLER Magazine Emma Mae - HUSTLER Magazine

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