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the erotic review


Sandy Summers

Now riding into view is this month’s covergirl, who’s come a long, long way to strip down for us. Surprisingly, the denizen of São Paulo, Brazil, is as self-conscious as she is breathtaking. “How do my photos look?” Sandy asks a few days after posing for master lensman Matti Klatt. “Since I’m new at modeling nude, I was super-nervous. I’ve done several magazine layouts in bathing suits and clothes, but never with everything showing. I really want to be an adult model in the worst way.” When we assure Sandy that she looks incredible in the buff, the luscious Latina is ecstatic. “I’m so glad to hear that!” she exclaims. “I just had to find out if I look hot enough to do this.” And we just had to find out a little more about this lovely visitor to our shores. “I worship the sun,” Sandy reveals, “and I rush to the beach first thing every morning. It’s my favorite place to be, whether by myself or with a special guy. And at night the beach is a wonderful place to have sex.  I’ve done it there quite often.”

Now that Sandy has brought up our favorite subject, we clamor for the naughty novice to continue. “My God!” she howls. “Where should I start? Being from Brazil, I’m naturally hot-blooded and very horny. I love a man who is there when I need a good lay, but who’s also willing to give me my space. Don’t be too needy, and I’ll come and get you when I need you.” And a Romeo’s wait won’t be agonizingly long, as the doll gleefully adds, “Believe me, I’ll need you every day!” So what’s in store for sensational Sandy? “Now that you told me I look good naked, more HUSTLER spreads,” the hard-riding hottie responds. “I’d love to do a sexy layout with one of my girlfriends. I think your readers would like that, right?” Without a doubt!

Photo Credit: Matti Klatt

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