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the erotic review


Tarra White

It’s appropriate that I’m appearing in the Halloween Issue of HUSTLER,” declares the mysterious Miss Tarra White,“because my sexual desires run a little dark. I love to mix my pleasure with a little bit of pain. Whips, chains and the occasional riding crop are essential in my bedroom. These tools of the trade are sure to get me off.” Primarily submissive, the Czech enchantress also welcomes the ultimate erotic tool. “Being spanked is okay,” Tarra reckons, “but being whipped while some guy is also punishing me with his hard cock is the best!” Curious how the chesty damsel ended up on the dark side? So are we.

“Well my transformation started when I used to work as a dominatrix,” Tarra recounts. “I saw guys getting off on pain, and I decided to give it a try. The funny thing is that I hated my clients because they were so weak. I need a man who is in control of things—someone who isn’t pushy, but enjoys telling me what to do and giving me a little discipline if he’s not getting what he needs. That gets me wetter than any hearts and flowers ever would.” Truly a jet-setting siren, Tarra splits her time between bustling La La Land and her homeland’s quaint capital. “In Los Angeles, people are so open,” the Eurodoll marvels. “They’re willing to try anything, like threesomes and orgies, but my heart is in Prague because of its long, dark history.”

Photo Credit: Matti Klatt

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