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October 2020

Featuring Lana Rhoades & Adria Rae
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  • Brushing Up on Going Down: The Pros’ Guide to Eating Pussy
  • The Business of Pleasure: How to Succeed in Sex Work (by Really Trying)
  • Three Is a Magic Number

HUSTLER Hump-Day Special: Butting In

Bringing up the rear typically isn’t considered a positive thing—but if you’re talking about bringing up the rear of a hot chick for a hearty round of butt-banging, it doesn’t get much better.  Join us now as we go in through the out door for a tour of HUSTLER’s most fant-ass-tic adventures in anal sex….

HUSTLER Classic: Rubber Lovin’

In the sexual realm, wearing rubber typically involves the well-advised but not particularly arousing act of slapping on a condom for a bout of safe sex.  In some instances, however, wrapping up in latex can be a very stimulating thing indeed.  Take, for example, the January ’92 HUSTLER pictorial Sybil & Roxanne: Rub Up.  Captured…

Become a Sex Superstar: 6 Easy Steps

Looking to up your game in the bedroom but not sure how? Let our roundtable of women put you on the path to sexual supremacy. Since Adam and Eve were created to populate the planet, men have been trying to figure out what it takes to please women. All Adam knew when he woke up…

HUSTLER Two-Timers: Kylie Page

Oklahoma—as the old song has it, it’s the land of wind-swept plains and sweet-smelling, wavin’ wheat.  It’s also the home of Tulsa native Kylie Page, the sweet-faced subject of this edition of HUSTLER Two-Timers.  Blond beauty Page first swept into HUSTLER viewers’ hearts with the June ’18 issue of America’s Magazine. In her layout “One-Night…

Gilbert Gottfried: Never Too Soon

For more than three decades this Brooklyn-born comic has made his name as a stand-up comedian, tv personality and regular guest on the Howard Stern Show. He’s taken numerous movie turns, including Iago the talking parrot in Disney’s Aladdin and President Abraham Lincoln in Seth Macfarlane’s A Million Ways To Die in the West. But…

Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story

Kathy Griffin isn’t just a controversial comic. She is the controversial comic of our time, a modern-day Lenny Bruce (if Lenny Bruce had mock decapitated LBJ, that is). Even before the rowdy redhead stirred up that little spot of bother with the carrot-colored creep in the White House, Kathy enjoyed feuds with people and organizations…

HUSTLER Classic: Getting Steamy

Feeling a little steamed-up today? Do we have the vintage HUSTLER pictorial for you! Hitting up the sauna is a great way to relax and sweat out the toxins in your body. And if you really want to turn up the heat and work up a sweat, add a couple of hot chicks to the…

Big Sleeps: Man of Letters

After literally writing the book on tattoo lettering, the man known as Big Sleeps is on a mission to expand his artistic endeavors and promote the greater good. The phrase “wrote the book” is often used when a single person defines a particular style or aspect of something, but when people say, “Big Sleeps wrote…